Posted by: conferencebay | November 3, 2008

Visiting conferences during a recession

It’s hard to believe but the turbulent economic times we are in actually provide opportunities for some: Conference Bay has seen a marked increase in the number of bids for conference seats recently, which we believe has to do with the difficult economic climate.

While some people have experienced a total travel ban until at least the end of the year, others have found that visiting a conference is an excellent way to save money on business trips to meet several clients (in many industries it is easy to meet a lot of people at some of the key industry events). Less widely admitted, but no less true, is the fact that at a conference a lot of networking takes place which may help finding a job when the times are rough.

Conference Bay would be interested in finding out what your attitude towards visiting conferences is at the moment, which is why we have developed a little poll. Please let us have your views by choosing one of the responses.

As you know, making a bid for a seat at a conference (and saving significant amounts of money) is quick and easy on our website and if you can’t find the event you are looking for there just drop us a line.


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