Posted by: conferencebay | July 30, 2008

Conference Bay revamps its website!

In order to be ready for the new conference season, which traditionally starts in September, Conference Bay will be revamping its website to make sure that customers can find conferences even more easily. We have also looked at the bidding process in which customers can name the price they are willing to pay for a seat at a conference, making it easier and more intuitive for the customer to make a bid. All of these changes are based on feedback we have received from many of you and we would like to ask you to keep sending us your honest views and thoughts.

Below we will give you a sneak peak of the pages as we are developing them and we would love to hear back from you, so drop us a comment here or write to

The new homepage (click on the thumbnail below, some of you will have to click twice to zoom in on the image in your browser) will have a more prominent space for a number of selected conferences and as you will notice there is a more prominent message saying Make an Offer, with a box where the customer can fill in an amount to get started with the bidding process right away.

The new Conference Bay homepage

The new Conference Bay homepage

The number of conferences on Conference Bay has grown tremendously and we have heard from quite a number of people that the process of finding the right conference was sometimes a bit complicated. We have therefore made this process very intuitive as can be seen on the screenshot below. You simply click on the categories that you are interested in and a complete list of conferences will be shown immediately. These can always be filtered by location and/or sub-topic.

An easier way to find conferencs you are interested in

An easier way to find conferences you are interested in

The page with more detailed information for each conference has also seen an overhaul: we have placed much more prominence on the bidding opportunity that we offer for each of the pricing packages the organiser offers. This does not mean the conference details are less prominently available, on the contrary, we feel the whole page has become much more user friendly, especially with the “Amazon” style ‘similar events’ we will suggest to the customer.

A conference detail page

A conference detail page

We have also made the bidding process much simpler for customers by taking out the credit card stage where the customer used to ‘secure’ his/her bid. This means that a bit for a seat can be made in less than a minute.

We hope to launch the new look Conference Bay soon, stay tuned and write us with your views!



  1. nice work guys!

    looks good, and am impressed by the ‘amazon feature’… (Would love to have that in Sparkx.)

    Keep up the good work!



  2. It looks even more intuitive, simpler and easier to use than before. Look forward to seeing it “live”.

  3. site looks good

    I would state the “Amazon functionality” a bit different by making it more human, e.g. People who were interested in this conference also considered:



  4. Looks great. Suppose the new lay-out is based on actual customer behaviour on current site.

    Would be nice to have a print button as well on the event page.

    And I would personlly appreciate an e-mail notification service based on my profile and/or interests.

  5. My two cents worth is that it certainly looks quite informative, but I think I do still prefer the old one. Why? Coz I feel that if I’m looking for conferences, I want to see the “Meat” – easier access to a visual list of categories conferences, instead of hiding the “meat” in a drop down list combo. Its like going to a grocery store front, with only a front door and some one is greeting you and trying to help and blocking your entry into the store, when I don’t really know what I want, and I want to see the goods and go browse around the shelves by myself. Not everyone has a clear objective in mind, that’s my 2 cents.

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