Posted by: conferencebay | July 18, 2008

Conference-in-Focus: AQ Services International Customer Service Excellence Conference

We first came across this buzzword at the turn of the 21st century – the term Experience Economy was described in a book written in 1999 by B. Joseph Pine and James H. Gilmore titled “The Experience Economy”. It is supposed to be that NEXT big stage to follow the agrarian economy, the industrial economy and the most recent so called service economy.

This is exactly the value we drive at Conference Bay – to design and orchestrate memorable events for our customers. We always say delightful conference experience, means conference without the hassle. Then that experience becomes our product! We offer conference going without the hassle commonly associated with it. For instance, we aggregate relevant conferences by topic and location and offer online tools to book conferences or alternatively to save on your conference seat by bidding for it. This, we submit is the natural course in the value added by our business over and above other things.

The experience economy is also considered as main underpinning for customer experience management. We have a classic example to show you here from AQ Services International with their Half Day Conference on Service Excellence.

Goods and services are no longer enough. To be successful in today’s increasingly competitive environment companies must learn to “stage experiences” for each one of their individual customers. Recollecting a delightful experience is remembering the product positively.

They have taken every innovative step to make this event a Conference apart from all their past offerings. First, they have put all bids up for sale. In an interview with Herman van Breemen, he says of this innovation “ At AQ-Services we think that customer service should be on everybody’s agenda. Yes we have put all seats up for bid ! I believe this innovative approach lets every company decide how much they think customer loyalty is worth instead of setting a fixed rate for a conference. With this approach we want to trigger companies to think about this. Yes, why not? It began as a curiosity and indeed, curiosity is fundamental to every achievement!”

Setting the price free is a smart way to persuade people to visit conferences even during an economic downturn. We see this as shaping the way conferences are organized and attended now and in the years to come. “All companies involved with rendering services have to realize that sharing experiences can provide knowledge to all. Knowledge to gain market share, to understand customer behavior, to recognize new marketing methods, to explore the market! Our approach, by setting the price ‘ free ‘ can only attract the real entrepreneurs. It’s not about the money…’s about the ideas …….it’s about backgrounds……it’s about sharing…….it’s about winning!”

In this conference, it will be discussed how front line performance can make or break a business in this experience economy. Services, for instance values such as hospitality, are intangibles, Herman van Breemen maintains they can they drive value for customers and grow profit for businesses in solid ways. “In today’s experience economy service excellence plays a major role for the customer. Poor service is the number one reason why customers turn to the competitor. Exceeding their expectation will lead to loyal customers and therewith, growth for your business.”

Herman maintains that the experience is everything and “Nowadays the experience is growing! Various researches show that the experience is considered more important than the product on itself. This is visible in restaurants, luxury stores, hotels etc. There is an incredible downfall when talking about customer loyalty. The customer expects a certain level of service and only exceeding the customer’s expectations can lead to more loyal customers. To benefit from this trend companies must offer the perfect customer experience to prevent them from going to the competition.

A lof other conferences are based on figures, percentages, martketshares, etc. This one is based on something else, something different! Namely people. No business without people! Customer loyalty is underestimated but still one of the major components to continue business relations. So let’s focus on this customer! How can we influence and understand their behaviour in order to learn and benefit from their loyalty. It used to be that “What you see is what you get… but experience goes beyond everything…!”

Serve Better, Sell More! Bid for this new conference experience! You get to meet like-minded, interesting people in this cool venue in Carcosa Seri Negara, Malaysia. How cool is this, no fixed rate, YOU decide how much loyal customers are worth! Make your bid now for the Service Excellence Conference Day.

Head on to Conference Bay simply register and placeyour bid by clicking ‘the service Excellence Button!’ Any reasonable offer will be accepted !


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