Posted by: conferencebay | July 14, 2008

My ‘Champagne’ Conference on a ‘Beer’ Budget

Take it from seasoned conference goers who have tried them all — that’s us at Conference Bay! You can attend a conference in style and it need not cost you the world. A few quick tips here:

A Conference minus the hassles can be a delightful experience and need not cost you the world.”

  • Worried about hotel bills? Track down relatives or buddies in the conference city. Be creative and get yourself invited into their homes. Consider it as a way to bond with relatives and friends who happen to be in the same locale. And how about visiting mom?
  • Consider staying in a Youth Hostel, they also have private rooms with bath and are often equipped with facilities like gyms and swimming pools. Be on the alert for bed-and-breakfast programs offered by several organizations.
  • Don’t just fall for the inexpensive place. It maybe cheap but consider transport arrangements Plan your stay around walking and public transportation.
  • Share a room. You can use your blog or social network to look for a potential roomie. Having a roommate can be fun and gives you a chance to discuss what you’re learning. It is also a chance to reconnect with a colleague who has moved to a new city
  • If you must stay in a hotel, consider their freebie offerings. Choose one that provides free breakfast.
  • Go slow on restaurant meals, if any. Find the closest grocery store and get your supplies, a picnic in your hotel room is a cool idea. Since you are on travel, bring food that you can easily grab on the go — granola bars, dried fruit, coffee fixin’s, and a travel mug.
  • You can take advantage of the conference travel for that long due summer trip with your spouse or significant other. They get to explore the place while you’re in meetings, but you can have fun moments in between.
  • Cash in frequent flyer miles to pay for the airline ticket. Check out special air fare offerings on the net.
  • Take advantage of vendor receptions and meals.

How about saving on the conference seat itself?

Yes you can now attend a conference that fits your budget by using Conference Bay’s online bidding system.

You have the option to register as a regular paying delegate by finding conferences by topic and location on our site.

What’s cool is that you can also bid for you next conference seat, by telling us the price you are willing to pay. You surely want to find out how that works !


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