Posted by: conferencebay | July 9, 2008

Simplify, and Get the Most of Your Life Online

We are well into the information age. If you are not yet the interactive type, then you are missing quite a lot. If you are the tech savvy one, then you know that life can be chaotic on and offline.

We all can get obsessive compulsive about collecting and keeping information. It would be well to manage them so they take less of our time and are easier to keep track of. Besides, organizing activities online can be very helpful for business people and professionals on the go. You not only save time that you can devote back to work or other personal commitments, you are likewise kept tuned in to information relevant to you from throughout the globe, as they unfold.

These social media networks channelled correctly can be a valuable tool for marketing or personal branding in the case of today’s professional. But used indiscriminately may cost you valuable time from your work day. As a busy professional consider how much time you’re putting into Social Media and what you’re getting out of it.

Here are some hot tips to simplify your digital life:

  • Make your own homepage. A personalized homepage as alternative to traditional web portals can be a great help. There is Netvibes which lets you assemble your favorite websites, blogs, e mail accounts, social networks, search engines, IMs, photos, videos, podcast, you name it. All in one place.
  • If you are more often on Yahoo, you can use My Yahoo, or if you love Google, then you can set up an iGoogle. So easy to do, just type in to your searchbar, follow instructions and sign up.
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds. Your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader program gives you a one-stop place to visit all of the sites that you think are important on the Internet. You follow a site by subscribing to its RSS feed. Instead of using your bookmarks to visit the site you use your RSS reader to keep track of new content.
  • For organizing photos, you may use Flckr or Picasa, you can choose only the photos you really want to keep.
  • Delete softwares you don’t actually use, it is just taking up space on your hard drive. Software often installs services that run in the background even though you aren’t using it — uninstalling software can make your computer run faster as it frees up memory.
  • Unsubscribe from automated emails you don’t read. You can try Gmail which has super-fast search. Delete e mails you are not likely to read again or have need of, or not going to want to re-experience. They’ll be in the trash for 30 days if you change your mind. Use filters and labels to track emails that aren’t urgent.
  • Do you twitter? The strength of Twitter is that it is a mesh network of people who find each other interesting. Unfollow people who you don’t have two-way communication with, especially if they’re too prolific.Subscribe to your @replies feed using another service so you don’t miss people communicating with you. Block people who are spamming your @replies.
  • Have you signed u p for Facebook yet? It is an essential site not to be missed if you want to be the professional in the stream of things.

Time has come up with a list of 10 essential Sites dubbed Sites We can’t live without and they are as follows:

  2. Yahoo! Finance
  3. Craigslist
  4. ESPN
  5. Yelp
  6. Facebook
  7. Digg
  8. Google
  9. TMZ
  10. Flickr

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