Posted by: conferencebay | July 1, 2008

Way Out Auctions on eBay

Ian Usher came to Australia from England in 2001 with his young bride. They built a house in sunny Perth, found jobs, made several good friends, and led an enviable lifestyle of ease and comfort. Nice going, until their marriage broke up recently.

Today, Usher wanted nothing of the life that they once had. He is offering his job, furnished house complete with spa, car, motorbike, jetski, and friends — all these to the highest bidder in an online auction set to go live on eBay within the month.
“Perfect moment, perfect place, a view of the vast immeasurable shore…love my life?”

Say, what would you bid to take over this life?

The Perth resident told ABC News that all he wants to keep of his life in Perth is his wallet and passport. Well, talk about moving on. You may read more here.

Sounds way over the edge but indeed some weird, wooly auctions have been reported on eBay many times. The philosophy student from Wollongong offered his phone number, friends, six jokes and a training course on his life. An American student offered his soul? Now eBay is said to have ruled this item out, on the basis that “someone trying to sell their soul” is objectionable as “you can’t sell something that’s not actually yours”. Now hold it folks, before you spark a whole philosophical deliberation worthy of the Parthenon.

The normal reaction when you hear reports like these is — how weird! Way out! But guess what’s even more strange? People actually do scour and battle for the purchase of these weird merchandises up for bids. Yes, the madness can go over the edge. Makes you think sometimes, why not ” a used husband for sale”? Or maybe a “mean granny’s cursed amulets can be yours”. Take a walk. How about bidding for “the last shred of my patience”!?

Seriously, now. if bizzare is what you want, we don’t carry such on our site. Some people get the notion though that Conference Bay is to conferences as eBay is to these tangible, at times, weird items up for bids. Indeed, the only similarity is : you name the price you are willing to pay. And that’s where the comparison ends.

Conference Bay is meant to be that only place online where you can get the right seat, for the conference of your choice, at the best price you are willing to pay.

The whole booking and bidding process is conducted online with results within two working days. You would like to find out why, it is getting the raves as the smartest, coolest new way in conference-going.

At eBay, winner takes all. We offer a lot more flexibility when you make a bid with us for your next conference seat. Conference Bay is not an auction where the highest bidder gets the ticket. Based on your bid details, conference organisers can decide to accept or to reject each bid individually.

At Conference Bay, we drive value for our customers, saving them a lot of money off their seat at some of the best conferences worldwide. Our Terms & Conditions state very clearly that the conference organiser who accepts a bid has to treat the bidding customer exactly the same way as regular full paid delegates. Nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Click to see how it works here. Have an awesome conference experience !


  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. Your blog is a very good blog. Thanx for all your posts. I hope you ll post more soon. Regards.

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