Posted by: conferencebay | June 23, 2008

The IBM Global CEO Study 2008: Unveiling the Enterprise of the Future

IBM recently launched their Global CEO Study. It is by far the largest study of chief executives ever conducted. We thought it gives insights of the deepest level which reveals a phenomenal increase in the number of global business leaders who see their roles as one that lends itself to addressing and managing change. The study also interestingly highlights how the ability to absorb and manage change is widening the gap between winners and losers in the global economy.

CEOs reported a surprising level of optimism about change as an opportunity to build new competitive advantage. Yet at the same time, CEOs report their ability to effectively manage change is increasing at a far slower pace. Many trends were identified in the study and we recommend it as a brilliant read for CEOs and business leaders. They point specifically to their own customer base as the source of the most important changes they will have to address. The study explores two phenomenons – two new set of customers that have recently evolved: the ‘information omnivore’, and the ‘socially-minded’ customer.

Here they come: the Information Omnivores

The information omnivore craves all types of information and often broadcasts its views and expectations worldwide via the Internet. These customers are said to be “swapping passive roles for much deeper involvement. Consumers are becoming “producers,” often creating entertainment and advertising content for their peers, while demanding flexibility and responsiveness from companies with whom they choose to do business.”

The study shows the impact of the information omnivore is driving investment in every major geography. In Europe alone, CEOs indicated they plan a 23 percent investment targeted at these customers over the next three years, a 20 percent jump from the previous three years.

The Rise of the Socially Minded Customer

CEOs are in accord that customer expectations around corporate social responsibility are increasing, and that this will play an important role in differentiating an enterprise in the future. Customers are coalescing around organizations humane concerns – including, but not limited to “green” initiatives — and are increasingly demanding socially-minded products, services, and even supply chains.

The Global CEO Study is conducted on a biannual basis, and provides a benchmark and a blueprint for global business trends. For more information on additional findings from the study, visit

You may download this study free. Get a PDF copy of this study here.


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