Posted by: conferencebay | June 11, 2008

Upcoming: Ad:tech Singapore, Social Networks and Doing Business in the 21st Century

Brad Garlinghouse, Yahoo SVP for Communication keynotes Ad:tech Singapore

It’s about time. In Singapore, we need this high level trend overview for businessmen, PR strategists, leaders and marketers: What ‘s all the rage about social networks? Why is the Internet and a new wave of Web applications called social media been so readily embraced by this generation and spawned a culture of participation ?

In today’s Web environment, consumers can get overwhelmed by the information overload and the noise generated by a proliferation of social networks. Marketing executives, agencies, and publishers are all finding it a struggle to target their messages to consumers within these environments. And yet, this is where their consumers are spending their time.

These social media networks are communities of real people existing in the real or offline world. They are the foundation of the web as the top ten websites are social networks . Studies show more messages are being sent between people inside social networks than on emails. It is worth a business’ time and money to learn how to find market opportunities in these networks.These sites are networked relationships of families and peers and other like-minded people. These are relationships based on mutual trust which is a pillar of every relationship. Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, MySpace,Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Sphinn, Delicious, Reddit, Propeller, Xing, Forums, along with over four million blogs, the list goes on. And so we ask, if companies are generally less trusted than peers, does that mean they have no place in the networked culture? Will these companies then be left out? They will be, if they do not become part of the on-going conversations and an authentic member of these communities. Just look who is keeping pace, go check out Barack Obama’s Twitter.

Take for instance the blogs. The Guardian writes how bloggers win on timeliness, accuracy, relevance, effort, ethics. If your company’s idea of being on the web is having no more than a website, you better consider carefully if yours is the kind of business that can afford to do so. Or you better take it from companies such as Coca-Cola, Marriott and Kodak who have recently opted to tell their stories and engage consumers in official blogs. There is Dell’s Lionel Menchaca and LinkedIn’s Mario Sundar as examples of personalities online who are positively affecting a brand. There is vice chairman Bob Lutz on General Motors’ FastLane Blog and surely need to check out this blogging CEO Jonathan Schwartz on Sun Microsystems.

To begin to get involved and target your own participation in the web world, we enjoin you not to miss out on this conference: Ad:tech comes to Singapore this June 26 & 27 at the Suntec City Convention Center. For several years adt:ech has been a top event 11 cities across 7 countries. The conference brings together brand advertisers, traditional & interactive agencies, portals, on-line publishers and technology providers. With the rapid growth in technology and use of digital media, ad:tech offers an unrivalled opportunity to discover new practices and technologies, and to learn how optimizing use of these tools can pump-prime your company’s performance. It will be keynoted by Brad Garlinghouse, Senior Vice President for Communications and Communities at Yahoo.

Join Brad Garlinghouse as he looks at how people are using social networks and the value they bring to the consumer. He will discuss the business of social networks and how marketers, agencies and publishers can take part in the phenomenon and provide dialogue that engages users and ultimately their messaging. This is a Keynote so relevant for those who want to be on the cutting edge of the new global media teachnologies. Check here for more on ad:tech Singapore.

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