Posted by: conferencebay | June 7, 2008

How to Visit Conferences in Leaner Times

“So guys…. tell you what, these are hard times, we need to hole up and stretch the dollar, and therefore we are cutting back on conference cost.”

Sounds familiar? It should. That’s no other than your boss. If your boss says he needs a positive return forevery dollar the company spends this year and that your conference is nowhere justified in achieving that, he is only being smart. And you can bet those lines will be repeated for infinite number of times across the globe to disappointed conference-goers like you. But there is a way to make him reconsider.

We can imagine. You are looking at that brochure of the conference you had meant to go to and we know how tough it can be to get the approval, especially in these leaner times. We, at Conference Bay, offer a solution and dare we say it, pushing on with the company’s optimal training agenda need not suffer from the crunch.

First off, search for that conference you would like to attend. If you check out Conference Bay, we have a database of conferences from over 800 conference organizers worldwide. You have substantial choices.

Study the conference programs, content and design. Then, carefully note the reasons you believe this particular conference will positively impact your company’s operations. If you assess and analyze well, that payback alone should cover for your time and expenses.

Don’t forget the details. Focus on technical presentations at the conference that are of interest to you and outline specifically how the company may find it useful. You may get smart and select conference that carries multiple presentations or “tracts” that can be beneficial to the company.

Take time to get information about the conference’s speakers. Take note of the professional peers you will meet.

Now comes the crux of the matter. How much is the conference fee, consider the hotel rate, what items are included in the conference fee like meals, parking, copies of presentations, travel expenses, and number of conference hours each day?

At Conference Bay, we have been making waves with our smart, new way of finding and booking conferences. Our rapid growth over the last few months has surpassed expectations. We have signed up more than 800 conference organizers to date. We are home to over 500 conferences from all over the world. You have substantial choices. Takes out the hassle of clicking through pages and pages of sites that are not targeted to your needs. We have conferences data based by topic or location.

You may also check out our new offerings through Conference Bay Direct. Booking a conference was never this cool and hassle free! You simply select the conference you want to attend, make your reservation with Conference Bay Direct and we do the rest. You receive a complete overview of your company’s attendance in a single itemized monthly invoice. Alternatively, you may also use our online bidding tool on our website.

Bidding for your next conference seat and saving a significant amount off the actual price will never detract from your conference experience. If you think that getting significant discount means being dumped into crowded theater-style seats trying to take notes on your lap with a steaming coffee cup, think again. We have booked CEOs and top executives who went to save a lot of dollars on their choice conferences and attended them in style. Remember, you will be given treatment like all the rest of the paying delegates.

So go for that conference you have in mind! Modify your method of getting approval by showing how serious you are to impact your company’s performance positively with ideas and networks that you will bring back! 


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