Posted by: conferencebay | March 20, 2008

Visit The Next Web for free!

I just heard about a great initiative developed by Erwin Blom and Arne Hulstein in the Netherlands; if you are a start-up and you want to visit The Next Web, a leading Internet industry conference in Europe, you can get sponsored if you send in a short (3 minute) video clip explaining why you think you deserve to be funded. They are now raising funds and have raised 3500 Euro in a matter of days. This amount will be matched by The Next Web people so it looks like at least 10 people will be able to attend this event for free. What a great idea. Read all about it here:

Of course, Conference Bay offers the opportunity to make a bid for a seat at conferences such as these, and we are normally able to get good discounts as well (40-50% off is the average) but I love this initiative as it is so simple and targetted. We will certainly start working on a short video to see if we can get sponsorship to visit The Next Web, we’ll need it because our flight to Europe will already be quite expensive…


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