Posted by: conferencebay | January 21, 2008

New look & feel for Conference Bay

We have been working hard on developing an even better look & feel for the website and are proud to announce that we will soon be launching this. Before we do so we would like to get your feedback. We are particularly interested in hearing from you whether this look & feel is more clear than the current look we have on our website. Our main objective with this design is to get more people to make bids for seats at conferences.

Have a look at the following pages and let us know what you think… Click on the thumbnails to increase the size of the images.

You can send your feedback directly to us: or share it with the other visitors of this blog and do it here.

Thanks in advance for your time!

New homepage

Why make a bid?

How does bidding work.jpg



  1. 1) I prefer the old at it is more business like, the new is “shouting”, probably partly because of very vivid colors not pastel ones like it was before.
    2) I do like the photos with chairs and people though.
    3) The old website is narrow and aligned to the left, the print screen gives the impression that the new website is still narrow but centerd and the margins spread according to screen width, I like it more. But, maybe you should think of making it broader and shifting the featured conferences box as forth one, on the right side. Statistics say that mostly used screen resolution by Internet users is 1024×768 (and losing in favour of 1280×768 – even wider), so the most optimal website width is 950pixels)

    Take my comments more like a loud thinking than strong opinion. Waiting for some more comments to discuss it with others.
    Take care guys.

  2. I definitely prefer the first design… gives the site more structure and formats the different areas for visitors to respond to. Good luck with the redesign!

  3. Nice!!

  4. Ziet er zeer scherp uit. Het lijkt mij de ideale oplossing voor het regelen van dergelijke tickets, en de nieuwe vormgeving is mooi maar functioneel!


    Cees Alewijnse

  5. Optie 1 vind ik het beste met de beste navigatie en duidelijk propositie. Bij mij komt zelfde look and feel over van low budget travel, neem aan dat het de bedoeling is. Wanneer kom je naar BUCHAREST?

    groet, igor

  6. I prefer the first design, good look and feel. Please change the text of the third bullet “Conference bay will take it from there…” What does that mean and what is going to happen…?


  7. I will go for the 1st one, cleaner and easier to understand and first glance.

  8. Hi Guys,

    I like the old design more, but if you ask me how to improve the site, make it more powered by AJAX. 🙂 I know, you didnt ask, but Nice screens which fold in an out could make the process so much clearer and you dont jump from page to page.

    What I do like is the personalization through a cartoon/puppet which comes back in every screen. But if you continue on this line you should make the language on your site also more personal, a bit like does.

    cheers and “de groenten” from London


  9. […] & Founder of the company, Arnout Mostert, wrote on the company’s blog 2 days ago that the company is going launch a new version of its site. This Conference Bay 2.0 is a […]

  10. look & feel, short comment :
    – old site navigation looks more sophisticated and smother
    – i prefer the have navigation only on the top of the page (old page) and not split between top and bottom (new page)
    – colours of the new page are to bright. Old colours are less dominate
    – navigation of “find a conference” better done on the new page, uses less space for the same information due to the layers
    -i like “featured conferences” better than “selected conferences”, a kind of a best of selection
    -i like to comic -like pictures, makes the side look young and dynamic
    Regards, Adrian

  11. forget what the old site looks like, but of the 3 thumbs above I like the layout of the 1st one, with some tweaks. #1 doesn’t over-emphasize the bidding aspect of the site like the other two do, but shows that is intended to help find the RIGHT conference … at the right price …. However, I like the seated people graphic of #3 more = happier looking people and better colors than the gray of #2. That said, the cropping/angle of the banner image of #2 is preferred to #3. Also, I prefer the number of people in image #2 = makes the conference look more subscribed / gives impression of buyer urgency.
    Happy to talk real time about any site designs should you want to. Good luck!!!!!

  12. Nice design look.

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